Your Favorite Spanish Tapas Dish Prepared 4 Different Ways!

If you plan to visit Barcelona or maybe even to live here (lucky you!), three things you’re guaranteed to fall in love with are the weather, the architecture and of course THE FOOD!

It only took my husband and I a matter of days to dive into Spanish tapas! Famous dishes like pan con tomate, Iberian jamon, manchego cheese in aioli and my personal favorite…patatas bravas!  Think deep fried potato wedges served with both a sweet aioli and spicy salsa.

And after two years of eating our way through the streets of Barcelona, we’ve come to realize no one dish of tapas is the same! Every restaurant has their own variation – which keeps things interesting and fun!

Take the potato for example. The Spanish really know how to make this bland veggie feel…special. Here are our favorite Patatas Bravas dishes in Barcelona and where to find them!

  1. Traditional Style Patatas Bravas at La Foga on Passeig Sant Joan, 32 between Eixample and Poblenou. Served hot with both spicy salsa and white aioli sauce. Try it once, you’ll quickly fall in love. And any attempts at recreating this famous dish in your own kitchen will most likely fail. Trust me, leave it to the experts!

2. Patatas Huevos y Jamon at Vinitus on Carrer del Consell de Cent, 333 in Eixample. Fried potato slices topped with scrambled eggs and crispy Iberian ham. No, we didn’t have this for breakfast, it was actually one of several mouth-watering tapas dishes we nibbled on over dinner.

3. Stuffed Patatas Bravas at Bobby Gin on Carrer de Francisco Giner, 47 in Gracia. The same famous tapas dish mentioned above but served in a beautiful bite-size potato half filled with the flavorings of both traditional sauces and sprinkled with crushed sea salt. These were OUTSTANDING to snack on while sipping gin cocktails at this fun and funky bar.

4. Shredded Patatas Bravas at Restaurante Goliard on Carrer Del Progres, 6 in Gracia. When the waiter brought this to our table, we were so delighted to see the potatoes shredded. (It’s the little things in life that matter the most, right!?) This changed the texture and taste of our usual favorite so much. Potatoes were crispier and less filling than our other experiences. A definite must to try!

Have you had an amazing experience with trying tapas here in Barcelona? Another unique take on the potato perhaps?

Do share by commenting below! Oh and don’t forget to include where you’ve eaten it so we can all indulge too…

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