Why Winter is the Best Season to Travel to Europe

Four great reasons to pack your bags when the weather gets cold and travel to Europe.

Most people when they hear the word “holiday” or “vacation”, they think of summertime. Relaxing by the pool, dipping their toes in the warm sand and breaking a nice sweat while hiking in the mountains.

Most people would never think of winter and all its characteristics of cold. But actually, winter can be the best season to travel especially to Europe! And here’s why…

Winter travel is considered the best kept secret to avid nomads who don’t plan their vacations necessarily around seasons. But rather, they’re constantly looking for new adventures and experiences – regardless of what the weather may bring in such areas.

Whether you are traveling as a family to Iceland or headed on a single vacation to Morocco, winter is truly the best time to travel to Europe and will offer a different kind of experience than bikini-clad cocktail selfies scattered all over Instagram.

Looking for a truly unique and memorable holiday? Think about packing your bags and venturing outside your usual comfort zone.

Why Winter is the Best Season to Travel to Europe

1. Winter Versus Summer Scenery

Of course, sunny beaches and green spaces are beautiful. But there is something truly majestic about snow capped mountains and long stretches of ice covering a massive body of water.

A morning walk with a hot cup of coffee (or hot chocolate if that’s your fancy), while wrapped up in a big furry winter coat is what Thomas Kincade holiday cards are made of. Seeing a frost covered field and watching as birds search for food is a peaceful and cozy kind of feeling only possible during wintertime.

And winter evenings? Talk about romantic! Picture a crackling fireplace, tall glasses of red wine and snuggling under a blanket with your special someone while staring at a starry sky. This definitely beats fanning yourself over a romantic dinner while swatting away mosquitoes. OR staying at home during the winter only to be left scraping sheets of ice off your car windshield the next morning.

I think you see my point!

2. Christmastime

No matter what part of the world you live in, Christmas is magical. But something about Europe during the holiday season is straight out of Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol. And seeing how this season is embraced in other parts of the world is a special and eye opening experience.

For example, in Barcelona the biggest night of the year for children to receive gifts is actually Three Kings on January 6. In Norway, Christmas Eve is the main celebration of the entire season. And in Belgium, Christmas markets are a staple festivity drawing in tens of thousands of visitors each year in December.

Sure, the comforts and traditions of home are what the holiday season is all about. But once you’ve traveled during the winter and over Christmas you will never tire of seeing how special this season is celebrated all throughout the world.

3. Cost Savings

This may be a rather obvious point but fewer people travel in the winter due to weather and temperatures. Not to mention, personal commitments at home and seeing extended family members. This is good news for us travel lovers who can’t resist a good bargain on hotel, flights and excursions.

And saving money while traveling only means one thing – you’ll have more to spend once you actually get to your destination on activities, meals and souvenirs.

4. Tourists

More great news, guys! Spending less money during off-season also means fighting off less crowds at popular tourist attractions. If there’s one thing that can ruin a vacation, it’s waiting on long lines and experiencing bad customer service as a result of an overload of tourists. You’ll most definitely experience this while traveling in the summertime.

But during the winter months, it’s just quieter! With the exception of visiting a crowded Christmas market in Europe, most everywhere else will have less volume of people. And this makes for a more enjoyable experience for everyone and more time for exploring.

So before you hunker down at home for the winter season and disregard traveling to Europe, think again! Start making a list of potential places you would want to see, how much cold you can realistically handle, and what the costs will look like.

I guarantee just the sheer images of Europe in the wintertime will entice you to move forward and book a holiday trip!