Travel Smart with These 7 Essential Items

Travel Smart with These 7 Essential Items

Oh the joys that traveling brings! Whether you’re heading out solo or as a group, to deepest seas or highest mountain ranges, the excitement of another adventure never gets old! New experiences, people, food and cultures are waiting to be discovered.

But with the joys of traveling also come annoying prep work like organizing all your identity documents as well as PACKING!

While no one really looks forward to packing for a trip, the right preparation can mean the difference between a great vacation and a horrible one.

What do I mean by that?

One word – PICKPOCKETING. Two more words – BED BUGS!

Need I say more? No one really anticipates these sorts of problems when dreaming of their perfect getaway. But be real, people! Sh*t happens and most especially if you plan to travel to a place where you stand out like a tourist. Unfortunately, you become an immediate target for things like theft.

So do yourself a huge favor and travel smart! I’ve pulled a list together of 7 essential items that you’ll be happy you purchased prior to your next journey!

These recommended items plus a few other travel faves also make great gifts for the travel lover in your life!

Squirrl Travel Undies for Women – $25.50

What do the Trevi Fountain in Rome, the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona and the Charles Bridge in Prague all have in common? Yes, they’re some of the most popular attractions in European travel.

But they’re also listed as the top three pickpocketing cities in the continent! Packed with tourists and perfect for those sleazy enough to pickpocket them.

Barcelona (which is currently listed as the number one location in Europe for theft) is where we call home, So you better believe I take all measures to protect my belongings! These ultra comfy and sleek undies by Squirrl are my new faves when hitting the streets, as I can hide my money, credit cards, Spanish residency card and even house key inside!

The best part? The folks at Squirrl are so confident in the security of their product that they offer a 200% guarantee!

Use code THEEXPAT5 for $5 off a one-day Squirrl pack, THEEXPAT10 for $10 off a 4-day pack and THEEXPAT15 for $15 off a 7-day pack.

Scrubba Travel Laundry System – $46.25

Perfect for camping, hotel stays, cruising or hiking trips! This eco-friendly travel wash bag cuts down on wash time and water consumption. I just love how compact and handy this little travel system is!

It’s lightweight (less than 5oz), takes up minimal space in any backpack or suitcase and contains an internal washboard to target the inevitable stains kids pickup or a night of cocktails picks up along your travels.

Use code THEEXPAT10 for 10% off your entire Scrubba order!

Eco Defense Organic Bed Bug Killer – $21.18

This one need no explanation! Hotels, motels, hostels and even the most posh of Air B&B’s can fall victim to these creepy critters. And while a hotel can easily switch your room, the same cannot be said for that beachfront property you’ve just rented for the next week!

Its natural, organic formula is safe for families and works FAST to kill bed bugs on contact. So you can eliminate them immediately and get back to enjoying your vacation!

Waterfly Anti-Theft Backpack – $24.49

A great companion for Squirrl anti-theft underwear, this backpack is stylish and is made to outsmart even the most experienced pickpocketer. The slash-proof shoulder strap and burglarproof zipper means your laptop, iPhone, personal documents and belongings will stay right where they should.

Also contains a hidden earphone hole providing easy access to your portable music while waiting online at the airport…or anywhere.

Rainbow Light Digestive Enzyme Supplement – $29.02

One of the most exciting parts of traveling for our family is trying the local cuisines. I’m sure you agree! Baklava in Greece, thick hot cocoa in Belgium, and wiener schnitzel in Vienna – it’s all too hard to resist. But unfortunately, being adventurous with what is on your plate can leave you with more than a few added calories.

My husband and I swear by the support a digestive enzyme supplement brings, most especially when traveling. Rainbow Light‘s vegan, gluten free and plant based formula boosts nutrient absorption, aids digestion and relieves the uncomfortable bloating and constipation that is associated with rich foods.

Reliefband Drug-Free Motion Sickness Band – $100

On our very first road trip into Spain’s countryside, I spent most of the car ride with my eyes closed hanging my head out the window. The winding roads of Catalunya made me SO carsick and several times we needed to pull over so I could get sick. Ugh, not great memories and from that trip on, I decided I needed to take my nausea seriously.

So as someone that suffers from severe motion sickness, this one is dear to my heart. Listen, I’ve tried Dramamine and other wrist bands before, which work fine – but not completely effective! I needed something more reliable and this drug-free Reliefband did the trick.

So how does it work? Through a series of nerve stimulating pulses, The pulses create a signal to the body’s nervous system and the part of the brain that controls nausea, creating a rebalancing effect, normalizing nerve messages from the brain to the stomach and relieving the symptoms of motion sickness.

Basically, best $100 I’ve EVER spent!

Travel Scarf with Secret Zipper Pocket – $11.00

I’m hitting the anti-theft category hard. Why? Because it’s the number one complaint travelers had when asked to share a bad traveling experience. Who could blame them?

Imagine being in a foreign country with no money, no identification, no cell phone. Scary stuff, that we’ve been able to avoid thanks to anti-theft type products mentioned above, as well as these stylish infinity wrap scarves. Tons of styles and fabrics for you to choose from with the most important component being a deep zipper pocket for storage.

Wishing you happy, safe and SMART travels, my fellow globe trotter!

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