The Most Iconic Souvenirs to Bring Back from Barcelona

Unique and memorable souvenirs that capture the true spirit and culture of Barcelona

This past summer we traveled back to the U.S. to visit our families, a trip we take once per year. And each time, we try to bring back from Barcelona something truly special and unique. After living here for three years, we’ve already exhausted t-shirts of Sagrada Familia and flamenco clappers. So we’ve started getting a little bit more creative and in the process.

So, what are some of the best souvenirs to bring back to loved ones after a trip to this incredible and culture-rich city?

It can be tough to decide what is tacky versus iconic. And as a tourist, if you’re just visiting for a short time, it’s easy to get sucked into buying a shot glass of Casa Batllo – which no one actually wants.

So I’ve compiled this list and done all the dirty work for you. Here you’ll find the best and most iconic souvenirs from Barcelona (that your friends and family will love) as well as where to purchase these items without paying top dollar.

Has your dream trip to Barcelona gotten cancelled this year due to COVID? No worries, I’ve also included Amazon links to many of these items so you can still purchase gifts for yourself or loved ones!

Who says you can’t bring Spain to you? Happy shopping friends!

The Most Iconic Souvenirs to Bring Back from Barcelona

Pair of Espadrilles

Popular not just in Spain, but in many parts of the world during summertime, these traditional shoes with a modern twist are made with natural fiber and cloth. They are associated with Catalan culture and worn mostly during festive occasions or as a regular daytime shoe.

Specialized shops in Barcelona such as Toni Pons offer top quality and a variety of styles, heights and patterns.

Toni Pons – Carrer de Ferran, 37, Barcelona (Gothic Quarter)

Barcelona Sidewalk Tile

You haven’t truly embraced the streets of Barcelona until you have a candle, notebook or photo frame with the iconic sidewalk mosaic style on it. This flower shape is actually called a Panot and is evidence that the city is eclectic, creative and full of surprises.

One not always needs to look up to see the beauty and art Barcelona has to offer. The best place to find a gift with the sidewalk tile pattern is…

Panot – Carrer Banys Nou, 20, Barcelona (Gothic Quarter)

Pablo Picasso Item

If you’re lucky enough to grab advanced tickets into the Picasso Museum in El Born, don’t forget to stop into the impressive gift shop. I couldn’t believe the size of this place after spending a day with the kids admiring the famous artist’s gallery. Barcelona was once home to Picasso and he has certainly left his artistic mark on our city.

Photo books, Picasso-inspired crafts for kids, flatware, notebooks, t-shirts and even jewelry all representative of the artist’s obscure style.

Picasso Museum – Carrer de Montcada, 15, Barcelona (El Born)

Trendy Boutique Finds

Venture into the independently owned artesian shops of El Raval, El Born or Gracia and you’re sure to find a handful of treasures to bring back. Jewelry, handbags, clothing, leather accessories and home decor items give a more personal touch if you plan to buy for friends/family.

One of our favorite spots to bring visitors shopping is Poble Espanol, an outdoor medieval village (constructed just 100 years ago) located near Montjuic. The village is a labyrinth of specialty shops selling unique locally made items perfect for commemorating your Barcelona travels.

This is a great option for convenience since the merchants are all under one “roof”. But don’t expect to bargain here, unless you purchase multiple items from one shop. These artists take a lot of pride in what they create.

Poble Espanol – Avinguda de Francesc Ferrer i Guardia, 13, Barcelona (Montjuic)

FC Barcelona Swag

What trip to Barcelona is really complete without a stop in one of the official FC Barcelona stores? Whether you’re a sports fan or not, the culture of European futbol in this city is a long standing tradition.

From futbols, jerseys, pencils, water bottles, underwear! – you name it – the most famous futbol club and players in the world are represented and available for purchase.

If you’re a true FCB fanatic and won’t settle for anything less than authentic club merchandise, there are several flagship stores in the city. The first one you’ll notice is right in the El Prat Airport when you first arrive. But let’s be honest, you’ll pay top dollar there for anything!

So your best bet is to hold out for the shop along Passeig de Gracia, right outside the Sagrada Familia or in the Camp Nou Stadium itself.

FC Barcelona Store – Passeig de Gracia, 15, Barcelona (Eixample)

Ceramic Bull

While the days of bull fighting as a beloved sport are over in Barcelona, the symbol of a bull is still prominent. You can even visit a former bull fighting ring (turned commercial shopping center) in Placa de Espana.

And to bring home a piece of this Spanish history, many shops along La Rambla and in the Gothic Quarter will sell unique styles, sizes and colors of the iconic animal. Always be sure to negotiate prices in these shops which cater to tourists.

Gaudi Photo Book

Art lover or not, I think we can all agree Antoni Gaudi’s avant-garde architecture is a true resemblance of how unique Barcelona really is. His designs tell a story, symbolize a rich culture and embody the essence of what it means to be a Catalan.

We purchased a small coffee table book from Casa Batllo and it has been one of our favorite items to share with family when they come and visit. Big or small, soft cover or hard cover books can be found in the gift shops of any of Gaudi’s famous landmarks in Barcelona – Sagrada Familia, Case Batllo, Casa Mila, Parc Guell. The largest shop of which you’ll find at La Pedrera.

La Pedrera (Casa Mila) – Passeig de Gracia, 92, Barcelona (Eixample)

Iberian Jamon

Surprised to see deli meat on this list? I would be too if I had never tried Spain’s Iberian Ham (jamon) before or understood what a delicacy it is! Think of prosciutto and then imagine a cured meat even tastier!

There are beautiful butcher shops dedicated solely to Iberian Jamon (just look for the hanging pig legs in the window, eek!) and you’re likely to see it on every single tapas menu in the city.

One trick when picking jamon out in a market, the “redder” the meat is, the better and more expensive it usually is! Pick wisely.

Open markets such as La Boqueria on La Rambla or Galvany Market in the Sant Gervasi barrio will vacuum seal packages of this specialty ham if you request it and be sure to mention “por viajar” (which means for traveling). Airlines will not bother you transporting this meat as long as the packaging is unopened and in a suitcase, not your carry-on.

La Boqueria Market – Rambla de Sant Josep, 91, Barcelona (El Raval)

Olive Oil/Soap/Lotion

Olive oil is to Spain as pizza is to Italy! And luckily, olive oil products such as lotions, face washes, soaps, or decorative bottles infused with herbs and peppers are widely available in Barcelona.

spain hair care secrets discovered

Don’t fall for the touristy shops along La Rambla for something specialty like this, though. The back streets of Gothic and Raval are your best bets for truly authentic olive oil products made in Spain.

One of our favorite shops, La Chinata, that we’ve only recently discovered in El Raval sells an abundance of olive oil based products as well as specialty salts and Spanish wines. The store itself with its original aged brick walls is worth seeing – but the care and personalization they offer in customizing gift baskets for friends/family makes the visit even more special.

La Chinata – Carrer dels Angels, 20, Barcelona (El Raval)

Sagrada Familia Religious Item

It is without question that the most famous and widely visited site in Barcelona is La Sagrada Familia. Religious or not, you will be forever moved by the awesome depiction of Christianity both on the exterior as well as the interior of this magnificent cathedral.

I can think of no better way to remember this special site during your trip to Barcelona than with an original souvenir. While the basilica itself does have a gift shop inside (naturally!), you’ll also find many of the same types of items sold at the vendor tents just outside the main entrance.

Holy water, crucifix jewelry, Rosary Beads and even Christmas ornaments (depending on the time of year) are just a few of the religious items one can find there. You’ll treasure any purchase from this world renowned UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Caganer Figurine

I was so offended the first time I saw these little pooping figurines scattered in booths all throughout the Barcelona Santa Lucia Christmas Market. Then I learned what they symbolize and changed my mind! These figurines of a pooping man is said to symbolize equality among all and that we all have the same basic needs.

I think I need one now! And so do you haha.

Talk about a hit at the next Christmas cocktail party! If you aren’t visiting Barcelona around Christmastime, plenty of souvenir shops in Gothic Quarter carry them throughout the year in all shapes and characters from President Trump to McJagger.

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