Skin Benefits From Raw Juicing

Raw juicing has many internal health benefits – but also helps with hair and skin health too!

Eight to ten servings of fruits and vegetables each day! It’s the mantra that’s been drilled into our brains from childhood.  But the reality is, how many people can achieve even half of the recommended amount?

That’s where the concept of RAW JUICING has become all the rage!  Think of it as a shortcut to consuming all those servings.

And the positives for your body include everything from detoxification, reducing the risk of cancer, better stamina, mental clarity, aiding digestion and of course, losing weight!

After a rough weekend of greasy food and cocktails, my internal organs are forever grateful for the cleanse that a raw juice will bring.

Seems like a win/win!

Oh but there’s more.  What most people don’t realize about raw juicing goes beyond the internal benefits.  The largest organ in our body, our skin, also reaps tremendous rewards.

How Your Skin Benefits From Raw Juicing

Whether you deal with acne or aging, the nutrients from fruits like papaya and vegetables like beets can help target the most stubborn skin complaints.  This is why high-end department counter brands use them in their products.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t start playing around with juicing to directly benefit my skin.  But after just ONE week of a daily raw juice, I noticed a big difference in its appearance – fine lines, dryness, itchiness, and the overall look of my complexion improved.

See, I’m living abroad right now in the heart of beautiful Barcelona.  City life is amazing.  City water is NOT.  The harsh deposits and calcium had really left my skin feeling “meh”.

Fine wrinkles were a bit more….pronounced and my skin seemed to have a tired/overworked appearance.  Yikes!  And you and I BOTH know when the skin isn’t looking its best, makeup won’t either.

If this sounds familiar, do yourself (and your wallet) a favor.  Before running to the nearest department store and spending a fortune on serums, concentrates, creams etc. head to the kitchen and try one of my favorite raw juice recipes.

1. Beet It Recipe

.3 cups spinach

.2 stalks celery

.8 medium carrots

.1 whole beet root

.1 medium apple

.half cucumber

2. Oh So Fresh Recipe

.Half papaya

.2 whole cucumber

.5 cups spinach

.2 medium apples

.1/2 thumb ginger root

.half lemon

3. Ready to Glow Recipe

.1 lemon

.1 medium apple

.1 cucumber

.3 cups spinach

.5 stalks celery

.2 medium carrots

Essential Ingredients

Keep in mind, there’s really no rule book to juicing recipes. Have some fun with it! As long as yours contains several of these key nutrient-rich ingredients, your skin will benefit!


Many devoted raw juicers choose to drink this one solo. Vitamins A & C plus iron improve complexion along with offering anti-oxidant protection.


Contain a rich source of Vitamin A and act as a natural antioxidant. These crunchy snacks fight free radicals in the environment that cause premature signs of aging skin, are known to manage sun damage, balance skin tones and even target acne.


Plentiful amounts of Vitamins K, C, B6, Magnesium and Calcium aid in achieving skin glow. High water content keeps skin hydrated and toxin-free.


Okay, I’ll admit – I’ve slapped this baby directly on my skin before bed and loved the results! But adding it to a juice means you get both the external AND internal benefits such as flushing out toxins and impurities.


Packed with iron and calcium, this gorgeous veggie contains Vitamins A, C & K which can also help reduce skin imperfections. Plus it gives your juice a delicious purple color!

What To Do With What’s Left

As someone that hates wasting food, I always a feel a tad guilty after preparing a juice and tossing all the fibers/skins/pulp left over. So, I say “Let’s use it!”

For an added skin treatment, collect the fruit/veggie leftovers into a bowl, then add fractionated organic coconut oil (figure about one part oil for every two parts mixture) and apply to face.

OR instead of coconut oil, try egg white for any ladies (like me!) that love the hardening effects of a pore cleansing mask.

With either mixture, leave on face for 15-20 minutes and rinse with warm water. Skin will feel incredibly smooth, hydrated and have that youthful glow we all so desire.

Be sure to leave your comments below about the skin benefits you’ve experienced when raw juicing or trying the above mask recipes!

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