Personal Story

Hey there!  So happy you’re here!  

I’m Lauren, an American gal from the sandy shores of New Jersey and most recently an expat living in Barcelona.  

My husband and I along with our three kids had a beautiful life back in the states – the all American dream, if you will.  It made no sense to pack up, sell our home and leave our families for a life abroad.

But that’s exactly what we did.  And we haven’t regretted it a day since setting foot in this incredible part of the world.  I love writing about and sharing our family’s experiences – the hectic, the humbling and the hilarious!

Check out more of our family’s personal story in my very first blog post Our Decision to Leave ( as well as a feature guest blog post, The Timing is Right When We Decide It Is ( My hope is to inspire other families out there to take the leap and choose the path less traveled.  

I’m excited to have you share in our journey.  

Drop me a note at for any article ideas, questions or collaboration inquiries.