Our Favorite Homeschooling Resources from Abroad

Mom, wife, writer, sushi lover, home decor enthusiast – there’s a lot of titles I’d refer to myself as. But teacher?! Maybe tying shoes, potty training and singing nursery rhymes to my kids. But math, science, history? Nope! I prefer to leave the real academic stuff to the professionals!

Until now…when homeschooling is a new way of life.

Now mothers and fathers all over the globe are thrust into the role of professor, against our free will! With schools closed in many countries for the rest of the academic year, parents are turning to virtual resources to keep their little ones growing, engaged, and even entertained.

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It’s amazing to see SO many options for online learning these days. But I’ll be honest, the number of emails I get each day from companies has gotten really overwhelming! It can be hard to determine great value and experience for your children versus not.

So this list I’ve compiled for all my homeschooling parent friends out there who are as equally confused as I was. Keep in mind, my kids are 8, 6, and 3 years old. These are reputable and professional resources that will save you tons of time (and headaches) as you navigate the waters of homeschooling.

Take the pressure off of yourself and leave it to the professionals (like I do!) to keep your kids sharp well into summer. Good luck, guys!

Our Favorite Homeschooling Resources from Abroad

Teaching Primary Subjects & Test Prep: Bee Tutored International

Bee Tutored International (BTI) is a boutique tutoring company with offices in NYC, Houston, and Barcelona offering individual and small group support. Tutoring is provided for all subject areas from Elementary through High School, including International Baccalaureate prep classes for IB Diploma students.

In addition, Bee Tutored offers guidance with the Middle/High School and College admissions process. Is your child struggling with time management and studying disciplines? Have no fear, Bee Tutored experts can provide assistance in strengthening these important life skills.

One of my concerns as a parent is that my children while being homeschooled will loose their Spanish language skills. So much of their interaction with Spanish-speaking friends has contributed to their success with a new language. Thankfully, Bee Tutored also offers language support which we will certainly need over the long summer months.

Their staff consists of an impressive team of certified educators, advisors, and tutoring professionals all dedicated to providing outstanding support to students.

By adapting to the current global situation, BTI is now making all of their tutoring available online. All classes are taught in English (as well as various other languages Spanish, French, German, etc.) by tutors specialized in their specific subject areas. 

For 10% off your first session, use code EXPATCHRONICLE.

Teaching STEAM: KiwiCo

For the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) lover in your child, KiwiCo offers a fantastic and interactive experience for learning. Based on a monthly subscription and tailored to the child’s age (up to age 16 and starting as early as 3 months old), KiwiCo will send a project right to your home each month.

Watch your kids follow easy instructions and build a live volcano, construct a wind turbine or make their own musical instrument. The kits are tested by children and made with love.

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Teaching Creative Arts: Art For Kids Hub

The activity I find most calming for my children is art. Drawing, coloring, painting – it all qualifies in my book as the best way to bring peace after a hectic day. We’ve tried lots of different tutorials on YouTube but time after time go back to Art for Kids Hub.

This father and child duo is a fantastic way to teach even the earliest artist how to create complex designs in a step-by-step format. The videos are quick, focused and entertaining. My kids have easily spent hours drawing some of their favorite characters – Shopkins, LOL Dolls, MARVEL, Diary of a Wimpy Kid and LEGO.

Teaching Mental Health: Big Life Journal

While academics – reading, writing, maths and science – are all important, the mental health of children is a top priority right now. Many little ones feel frustrated at not being able to return to school this year. They’re missing their friends, outdoor space, after school activities and special events.

Keeping their minds and hearts focused on the positives is a must right now! Big Life Journal is one of our favorite resources for doing just that. Physical journals or digital downloads make it possible for any parent to use with their kids (ages 4-11+).

The engaging resources such as the Self Love and Growth Mindset packets help kids develop a resilient attitude so they can face life’s challenges with confidence.

Teaching Environmental Awareness: National Geographics Kids Club

Lions, tigers and bears are a given on the National Geographic TV channel and website. But enter the world of NG Kids Club and your little ones are in for MUCH more. It’s a fantastic and very user friendly site that allows your little ones to explore nature, wildlife, garden growing…and even the Coronavirus itself!

But our favorite section teachers your children about more than just the world around them. The Kids versus Plastic section (found under EXPLORE on the Main Menu) is a super cool way to explain to kids how they can play a part in reducing their own carbon footprint.

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Teaching Mindfulness: Cosmic Kids Yoga

I’ll be honest, the first time we stumbled upon this YouTube page for kids’ yoga, I had my doubts! Would my three rambunctious toddlers stay focused and attentive enough to make it through 20 minutes of yoga?! But amazingly, they loved it!

Yoga instructor, Jamie, takes your little ones through theatrically themed workouts – Harry Potter, Halloween, Star Wars, The Wizard of Oz, and re-enacts each story throughout the workout. She’s quirky, she’s fun and she WINS at holding the attention of even my littlest student. Best for 3 years old and UP.

Teaching Current Events: DOGO News

Anyone that knows me knows what a news junkie I am. Staying connected to what’s happening in the world has always been important to me – but more so now than ever living abroad during a global pandemic. And I want my kids to also be in-the-know about current events. But I can’t exactly turn on BBC or FOX News with my six-year-old around.

DOGO News is the perfect solution for sharing global events with my little ones in a kid-friendly way. The articles are written with a younger audience in mind and the topics are always engaging and even fun!

Last week we read an article about a 29-pound chunk of the moon up for auction for $2.5M! This sparked loads of conversation from my 8-year-old, as you can probably imagine.

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