La Pobla de Lillet, Spain Photo Gallery

Month: November 2018

Accommodations: Air B&B – Mas Merolla, Gombren Listing link here –

Our Favorite Thing To Do: This home is situated deep in the countryside of Catalunya in the heart of tiny Gombren. Surrounded by nature, the smells and sounds of this incredible home are the perfect getaway from city life. We spent our time hiking and exploring the area – little trails, lush meadows and shaded forests. It was a perfect weekend of outdoor simplicity for the kids – technology free!

Our Best Tip: The nearest town of La Pobla de Lliet where you’ll find several small shops and restaurants is a 20 minute drive down extremely narrow mountain-hugging roads. So if possible, plan accordingly to take one early trip there (since everything closes at 13:00 for Spanish siesta), stock up on whatever you need and enjoy the rest of your time sitting by the fire in your host home.

Greatest Memory from This Trip: This will surely take you by surprise! As breathtaking as the views were and as charming and lovely as our hosts were, the one detail our family reflects on over and over is a furry friend named Perdut (which means “lost” in Catalan). The kids grew very attached to this sweet pup who happily pranced around the property during the day and slept by the fire inside with us at night. He left a special paw print on all of our hearts!