How to Unpack After Your Travels

Packing for a trip can seem like a daunting task – especially when you have small children to also plan for. But for many, nothing is worse than arriving home from a trip and needing to UNPACK. My husband, love him dearly, is one of these people.

As someone who travels frequently for work, he arrives home exhausted. Understood! Typically, he’ll tear open his suitcase and pull out whatever goodies he’s purchased for the kids, which I find adorable.

But then his suitcase will make its way to the floor opened….and unpacked – sometimes for days. He’s not a lazy person! I’m sure neither are you (riiiiight?)

So what’s the reason so many of us loathe this part of traveling?


The last thing you feel like doing after sitting on a plane or train is a chore all while battling jet lag,


Nothing signifies the end of a trip or vacation more than unpacking all those dirty clothes and messy toiletries. So if the suitcase sits unpacked a little longer, the feeling of enjoyment that traveling can bring will live on.

Unnecessary Items

You’re motivated enough to pull out cosmetics, toothbrush, shampoo and any other essentials. Once that’s been accomplished, your bathing suit and jogging shorts can wait.

How To Unpack After Your Travels

Here’s some advice from a girl who is always motivated to get this job done…

Get Organized

I’m sure this will warrant a giant eye roll from many of you, but hear me out first! Spend an extra 10 minutes before embarking home getting your sh*t together. It will save you a headache in the long run.

1.Dirty clothes in a plastic bag (check!).

2.Unworn or clean clothes neatly folded in one of these amazing Spacesaver Resealable Travel Bags found on Amazon (check!)

3.Electronics organized in this cute ultra-convenient case (check!).

4.Toiletries wiped down and in one central location (check!)

Are you catching the vibe here?

**For families with children: Place all dirty clothes in one bag sometimes in its own suitcase (trust me, its soo much easier this way!).

Act Immediately!

If you don’t unpack your bags within the first 30 minutes of walking in the door, they’ll sit there for a few days. Am I wrong? Seize the moment, guys and gals! Make the laundry room your first stop when you arrive home. Can you tell I get kind of excited about this topic??

Create a Nuisance

Set your bags down in a spot that they cannot stay if all else fails. On your bed, in the hallway, middle of the foyer – whatever it takes! Creating a cozy space in the corner of your bedroom will guarantee your bags to stay there for days…

What are your best tips for unpacking your bags after a trip? Love to hear anything else you recommend!!