Perfect Gifts for Travel Lovers in 2020

Practical (and Covid-safe) gift options plus stocking stuffers for the travel lover on your holiday list this year.

Is it just me or are you also in shock that the holiday season is practically upon us? While it may seem premature to start writing out your shopping list, online purchasing makes it easier than ever to get ahead of the holiday game. And if you happen to have a travel lover on your list, you’ll need enough time to think of something really unique!

But what in the world do you get the person that has seen so much of the world already?

Gift giving can be tough if you have an avid traveler to shop for. But don’t fret! These 10 gift ideas (plus bonus stocking stuffers) are perfect for travel lovers this holiday season.

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Living abroad in Barcelona for the last two years means we fill our weekends with tons of mini trips, I can honestly say I’d love any of these travel gifts! So rest assured, these are only items I would personally ask Santa for in order to make our family’s travels more comfortable and/or convenient.

From electronics and beauty to practicality and eco-friendly, I’ve got you covered here. And the best part? As your friend or loved one continues traveling the globe, they’ll think of your generosity every time your gift is used.

But First…If They’re Not Into “Stuff”

I happen to be a big fan of the whole “experience over stuff” mentality. We can all use less clutter in our lives, right? So if the person on your list happens to be one of those adventure seekers who needs nothing more than their next adrenaline rush, go for an experience!

Cooking seafood paella in Barcelona, helicopter volcano tours in Maui and hiking the city walls of Dubrovnik. These bucket list unique experiences are all possible, but aren’t guaranteed to be outstanding without the guidance of a strong tour company.

One of our favorite ways to share new adventures with our kids is through touring! Not every tour is meant for small children, but luckily Get the lowest price on Barcelona Day Trips “>Barcelona as well as while traveling toSave up to 40% off tours and activities in London“> London (click city for 40% off London tours) and

The Ultimate Protection Kit – $15

Today more than ever, and especially when traveling, being prepared can make all the difference with your health. This handy and convenient travel pouch contains 5 medical grade surgical masks, 5 rubber glove pairs and a pump bottle for hand sanitizer.

Hands Free Door Openers – $12/4 pack

Never worry again about touching door handles, doorbells, light switches, ATM keypads, elevator buttons and many outdoor infected surfaces out there. This touchless key tool will keep your hands clean and germ free all day long. Plus, the colors are pretty haha!

Covid Quarantine Personalized Ornaments – $17

Go ahead and laugh, I certainly did when I saw this. But honestly, what better way to commemorate all the insanity of 2020 than a covid friendly toilet paper handy Christmas tree ornament? Can’t wait to get ours!

Covid-Claw Deluxe Keychain Tool – $13

Another super convenient and safe no-touch products, but small enough to attach as a keychain to carry-on bags or briefcases/backpacks. Public places are a scary place and this tool gives you confidence of self-protection. Included handy ink pen allows you to sign those paper credit card slips without using someone else’s pen.

For Organized Traveling

Electronics Organizer – $18

It seems no matter how organized we try to be with packing electronics cords, they never seem to stay that way! This adorable little case will help keep all your chargers, plugs, adaptors and wires neat and in order. A must have gift for travel lovers or anyone!

Space Saver Travel Bags – $25

The travel lover on your list will LOVE these air tight space saver bags, which help maximize space for suitcase storage up to 80%. Great way to pack heavy sweaters, coats or even stinky laundry, as mentioned in my recent post about How to Unpack After Your Travels!

Scrubba Travel Laundry System – $40

Talk about genius! This revolutionary and eco-friendly travel laundry system allows any travel lover to do their wash on the go…virtually anywhere! Perfect gift for travel lovers, campers, hikers, nomads, expats…you name it!

Bamboo Utensils – $10

Great for the planet as well as any traveler, these bamboo utensils are neatly organized and easy to throw into any backpack or carry-on suitcase.

Jewelry Organizer – $23

Because when was the last time any woman packed just ONE piece of jewelry? What better excuse to bring all her favorites when she has a nifty little organizer like this one?

Travel Toiletries Set for Men or Women – $18-$25

Maybe it’s just me, but the things I hate packing the most before a trip are toiletries! So many tiny bottles and boxes to remember! Such clutter and disorganization. What travel lover wouldn’t adore the simplicity that comes with a gift set like this?

Relavel Travel Makeup Case – $19

With more than 7,000 positive Amazon ratings, this makeup case is perfect even for the most avid makeup maven. Beautiful colors and patterns make the case look stylish on the outside but the real treat is what’s inside. Adjustable compartments make for convenient and organized packing of all cosmetics, brushes, and pads. Anti spill-proof material is an added bonus!

EverSnug Travel Blanket & Pillow – $25

Forgo the standard scratchy blanket and flat pillow offered by airlines. Instead, this nifty little set perfectly clips to your carry-on suitcase and is soft enough to comfort any traveler during the longest of hauls. Comes in a variety of colors!

Electronic & Techy Travel Items

Ear Bud Headphones – $30

Say goodbye to shoving big bulky headphones into a backpack or carry-on suitcase. These tiny earbuds are space savers and provide great sound on noisy planes/trains.

Portable Bluetooth Speaker – $26

Whether we travel to an Air B&B, hotel, tent in the woods or the beach we love to have our music handy and so will any traveler on your list.

Photo Mount & Bluetooth Remote – $19

Wow, as a family of five this has been such a great gadget for us. No more asking strangers to take our picture or posing awkwardly for a family selfie! Just situate the base anywhere with the adjustable arms, place smartphone into the mount and click the bluetooth remote when ready.

For Furry Travelers

Doggy Seat Belt – $12/2-pack

When it comes to traveling with our favorite fur balls, there’s no such thing as being too cautious. That’s why this 2-pack of doggy seat belts is perfect for keeping your cutiepie comfortable and safe. Each adjustable nylon belt clips easily to any dog harness and is available in a variety of colors.

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Pet Gear Travel Stroller – $40

When I see someone pushing these pet strollers, it makes me want to run to a pet store and buy a puppy! Adorable, light-weight and suitable for pets up to 15lbs, this pet carrier on wheels will make walking through a busy city or a crowded airport stress-free.

Pet Travel Bag Organizer – $40

Nothing makes traveling with a pet more difficult than worrying about all their supplies and favorite toys. This Lucky Tails smart organizer has it all! A patent-pending unique poop bag dispenser, collapsible pet bowls, food storage zipper pouches, and plenty of space for your pet’s go-to chew toys. Talk about hassle-free!

Pet Travel Water Bottle – $10

Whether you’re waiting on an airport security line, hiking through forest trails or sitting for long hours on a train, this travel water bottle with drinking spout means your pet will never go thirsty. Made of food grade silica gel and plastic, the bottle is durable and safe – not to mention leak free!

And 4 Bonus Travel Stocking Stuffer Ideas…

Passport & Identity Card Case – $7

Stylish and fun, this passport cover and card holder is perfectly fitting for the avid traveler.

Poo-Pourri Bathroom Spray – $24

Okay, all joking aside here – on a plane, in a restaurant or at the hotel, your potty time should be kept private for anyone! But most especially travelers.

Foldable Travel Hangers – $13

Don’t leave home without ’em. Simple and smart design, colorful and oh-so practical for Air B&B stays or campsites, which normally won’t come equipped with any.

International Adaptor Plug – $22

Talk about a staple gift for any traveler, a universal power adaptor means your gift recipient will never get caught in a foreign country without the right plugs!

Have any additional ideas to add to this list? What travel gifts have you received and can’t live without? Drop me a message in the comments below!

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