16 Best Flat Shoes for Women to Wear in Spain

The most comfortable and stylish women’s flat shoes under $200 for traveling to Spain each season.

When you’re a female traveler visiting Spain, it can be difficult to balance what’s fashionable and stylish over what’s comfortable and realistic. Do you opt for stylish flats or platform sneakers?

Traveling anywhere, to a big city like Barcelona, Spain or the outbacks, usually requires a ton of walking. That’s half the fun of exploring a new place. Who the heck wants to sit in a car the whole time?

So it’s critical to make selections that won’t leave your toes barking with blisters!

But if you’re anything like me, running sneakers may not be your first choice for stylish footwear. In the same sense, packing 3″ pumps won’t serve you (or your feet) too well either.

So what’s a girl to do??

There is hope and it comes in loads of styles and colors. Fashionable flats are where it’s AT since they not only give your feet the treatment they need while traveling, but can also save space in your suitcase AND double as daytime/evening wear attire.

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A Word About Footwear in Spain

I’ve made ALL the mistakes with footwear when it comes to traveling and having lived in Barcelona for more than three years, I can give you the honest truth.

So here it goes…

I made sure to pack all of my fanciest and stylish pumps when relocating from the U.S. to Spain. But day after day, they sit in my closet and collect dust. It’s so rare that I choose a high heel even though I love wearing them!

Why? Well, in Barcelona specifically the sidewalks are uneven, with patterned mosaics, and the hills can be steep the further uptown you go. Not idea for rocking those spikes!

Not to mention, this is a very walkable city! Meaning, its easy to get from one end to the next and move in between neighborhoods. Yes, that’s a good thing when you’re a tourist and trying to get from the Barcelona Cathedral in Old City to the Sagrada Familia.

But it also means you’ll be doing loads of walking. Reserve taxi rides for late nights and rainy days. The best way to see this incredible city is on foot.

Whether you plan to peruse the narrow alleyways of the Gothic Quarter or climb the steps to the peaks of Mount Tibidabo, your feet will need support and comfort. Here are a few that made the cut for best stylish footwear to pack for your getaway to Barcelona.

16 Best Flat Shoes for Women to Wear in Spain


Why I Recommend These: Winters in Spain, while not nearly reaching the frigid temperatures as in parts of Northern Europe, will still be cold! Highs are around 10 degrees C and lows at 6 degrees C. The wind can also really pick up making it seem colder than the temp.

So footwear needs to be lined, comfortable with a heavier sock, and warm enough to keep those toes from going numb while touring around the city! It very rarely snows, at least in Barcelona and Madrid, so don’t worry much about snow specific shoes/boots.

Stay Away From: Big clunky boots that will weigh your feet down leaving your legs feeling like jello after a long day of walking.


Why I Recommend These: Spring in Spain is consistently pleasant with warmer temperatures (highs of 26 degrees C) and sunnier skies. While mornings and evenings may still bring a chill to the air, day times are super comfortable. So wearing ballet flats or cute street sneakers this time of year is totally acceptable.

Stay Away From: Suede and real leather, since sporadic rainfall this time of year can do major damage to the fabric.


Why I Recommend These: Summer shoes tend to be flimsy and don’t always provide good support. These picks are comfortable and also foot friendly leaving your feet blister-free by the end of the day!

Stay Away From: Wooden soled sandals that provide zero comfort or support and can leave your knees barking at the end of the day. Also, flip flops in Spain are reserved only for beach days. Don’t get caught looking like a tourist wearing them in the Gothic Quarter!

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Why I Recommend These: The Autumn season is a bit of a crossover for me! Some days I wake up to warm Spring-like temperatures, while other days it feels like early winter. Fall can be windy as well!

These “bootie” picks offer the kind of comfort from a sneaker while still providing the warmth of a full coverage boot.

Stay Away From: Open-toed shoes, since days in Spain may be warm but the earlier morning and late afternoon hours are quite chilly. Time to put the sandals away, sadly!

As you plan your travels to Spain (most likely in 2021!), keep not only comfort in mind but also fashion. That’s the best rule of thumb! The culture here is NOT to look like a beach bum while touring sites like Sagrada Familia or walking down the famous Passeig de Gracia.

Love to hear your thoughts on these stylish footwear picks!

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