6 Secret Travel Companies to Book With Now

Now is as good a time as ANY to start thinking about your next vacation and begin researching which travel companies to book with. Why you ask?! Because once this COVID-19 lockdown is a thing of the past, the travel industry will come back booming and stronger than ever.

People, myself included, simply can’t wait to get back to planning the next vacation. Even if that means travel looks different than it did pre-Coronavirus. Yes, there will be tighter restrictions in place for monitoring the health of travelers and upholding stringent sanitization methods.

But that won’t stop the wanderlusters of the world from making the decision to go.

In a recent article by INSIDER, Trip Advisor shared that, “People’s desire to travel is resilient. What we’ve seen through SARS, Ebola, terrorist attacks and numerous natural disasters is that the travel industry has always rebounded.”

“Travelers are taking this situation very seriously from a global health perspective, but it’s not impacting their personal view on traveling internationally and the majority are actively planning their next trip.” 

This is exciting news, guys!

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Experts are predicting that it could take up to ten months for the industry to bounce back after the last travel restriction is lifted from Coronavirus. But travel deals will come well before that as airlines, hotels, cruise lines, and tour booking companies all look to rebound in a big way.

The United Airlines and Disneys of the world will surely withstand the storm, as they have in the past. But the smaller guys, the ones that aren’t yet household names, will continue to struggle well after other larger companies have stabilized their earnings.

That’s why I’ve decided to throw together of a few of our favorites worth checking out and booking with for your next vacation.

6 Secret Travel Companies to Book with Now

Parking Access

How many times have you avoided driving yourself to the airport because it’s a hassle finding parking, paying for parking and dragging your luggage from said parking spot to the terminal?

Parking at airports just got way easier and more convenient! When using Parking Access, the price was only $57 and we were given a choice of more than a dozen options for parking.

Find the best and cheapest airport parking with Parking Access in less than two minutes! Simply plug in your airport location and dates of departure/arrival. Then choose the option that best suits your budget!

Taking a cruise in the next few months? Don’t stress about where to leave your car while you sail from the departure port. Parking Access helps you locate the closest and most convenient parking lot near cruise ports too!

Shop in your own language (es, fr, br) and currency (USD, CAD, EUR) and simply reserve parking spaces from the top parking companies with Parking Access.


Viator delivers 345,000 things to do all in one site including tours, attractions, shore excursions and private guides, in more than 1,500 destinations worldwide.

As an official Trip Advisor company, Viator has the backing and credibility of a trusted brand – which means they offer the lowest prices guaranteed on all bookings!

When our family recently traveled to Rome, we booked with Viator for a “skip the line access” to the Vatican and Sistene Chapel. It was a fantastic experience and easy booking (though we do recommend reading the fine print, as our mistake was to assume the Vatican meant the church, not the museum! Whoops!) Regardless, their customer service was top notch in trying to accommodate our error.

From Paris to Phuket to Perth, from traditional tours to once-in-a-lifetime experiences, Viator has something for every kind of traveler. Helicopter tours, day trips, cruises, food and wine tours, private and VIP tours.

Last important tip to point out is that customers who book can also earn airline miles on United and American Airlines flights. A great incentive!


More than 94,000 hotels in more than 7,500 destinations across Europe, Asia, North American, Latin America, and the Caribbean. Hotelopia works in the same way that Expedia and Travelocity does and also guarantees up to 30% discounts off property bookings.

Last winter our family traveled to Vienna. I was able to find lovely 4-star hotel minutes from popular sights for under 200 Euros per night. Great deals like that are found all over Hotelopia to some of the most exotic and desired destinations in the world!

Plaza Premium Lounge

Probably the biggest hassle when traveling takes place at the airport. Security lines, baggage check, printing tickets and then long waits in terribly uncomfortable chairs at your flight gate. Until NOW!

Plaza Premium Lounge is known as the pioneer and industry leader in premium airport services. When booking, customers benefit from the use of an Airport Lounge, Airport Transit Hotel, Airport Meet & Greet Service, and Airport Dining in 35 different airports around the world.

And a great perk? Their Smart Traveller Global Airport Rewards Program where you can earn points towards free services each time you book. Just by downloading the program app, you earn 200 points – so jump on it to get started!

There is a really good chance that this post contains affiliate links. If you click one of them, I may receive a small commission (for which I am deeply grateful) at no extra cost to you.


Looking for special discount codes for flights, luxury hotel stays and car rentals? The guys at Tripiflights have one philosophy – to pay less so you can travel more.

According to the brand, “We make travel affordable because we understand life is an adventure. And travel isn’t always about the destination.”

Since I love the sound of THAT, I’ve been eying this site for flight deals for my husband’s 40th Birthday this November.

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If you’re someone like me who hates having to shop around and compare prices across different websites, you’ll love TravelGooRu.com! If you’re searching for the lowest prices on flights, hotels or car rentals you’ll find all results conveniently displayed in one place. Now, THIS is how I like to plan vacations!

TravelGooRu.com’s main asset is its global travel search engine providing users with a comprehensive solution to find the best travel deals in an easy, efficient, and secure way.

Compare deals across more than 700 different airlines with one easy search. No extra surcharges or hidden fees and with guaranteed cost savings of up to 60%.